O'Regan's Green Light Graduate Rebate Program

O’Regan’s offers a $500.00 rebate* to graduates of any of the following Canadian educational institutions provided they meet the eligibility requirements.

• Graduates of any recognized Canadian university, college or CEGEP within the last four years.
• Documentation is required: A photocopy of the diploma / degree / designation is required and will be kept on file.

$500.00 rebate offered to eligible graduates who arrange financing through O’Regan’s Financial Services / Business Office.

O’Regan’s represents:
• ALL of the major Canadian banks
• O’Regan’s Leasing
• Select Sub-Prime Lenders
• Select captive finance (manufacturer’s finance arm)

Rebate may be used towards down payment, first payment or security deposit (lease).

On approved credit. License, insurance, registration, PPSA/moveable property, administration fees and environmental taxes extra and are payable upon signing. Vehicles must be registered solely in name of applicant (contracts may be cosigned) for a minimum of one month. Limit of one eligible lease or finance per individual in his/her lifetime.

Applicant must be a legal resident of Canada of age of majority in their province of residence at the time of application with valid Canadian Drivers License. Individuals must meet the eligibility requirements during the offer period.